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Testing, testing, 1 2 3

I live a very bland life compared to many other people; I joined LJ after lurking for years because there are places I'd love to visit and review, but they wouldn't allow Anon reviews. It took me this long because I erroneously believed that even the most basic registration here needed a fee. :P

In this first journal of mine I'll try out some of the interesting LJ-cuts and stuff, for future reference:

In the last few months I'd been listening to the podcasts from, recently I sent them an email telling them about my feelings towards the episodes I'd listened to so far, and then waited for an email reply. It did not come. Then Episode 18 came out, I downloaded that and listened to it as well.

Nearing the end, however, I heard this:

[SQUEEEEE!]"Oh, do we want to read our fanmail?"

"Yes, we have some..."

"We have -- we have fanmail!"

... ...


Seriously, ladies, I was your first fanmail ever?! o_O

My feelings at that moment was something like this:

Then Reidan read a part of it aloud for everyone to hear. On the episode where Kevin was a guest panelist! *tries not to swoon* Apparently my email was long, eloquent but not exactly succinct. :P I still hope that you'd help fill out the blanks in your opening audio entry which I just couldn't figure out.

I got misquoted at one point though: I did not say that you shouldn't talk about your boring accent, Reidan, I said that I hope you wouldn't call your (mid-western) accent "boring" again. There's a difference between those two, darn it! :D

Well, in any case it was an honor writing to you, ladies!

(If anyone's interested, I can also be reached at my DevArt account:
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